I advocate for technology and education as a force to create a more adventurous & mission-driven world.


My ambition is to spark a culture where everyone lives life pursuing what they love.

The world is infinitely interesting. The oceans are only 5% explored. Is there life on other planets? Where do thoughts come from?
Somewhere along the way growing up, we've lost that curiosity for the world & adventure.

What if instead of doing, accomplishing, and chasing, we could simply follow our natural curiosity. Our entire existence could be a fun journey of understanding ourselves and the world around us.


Dreams can change the world. Uncover the impact you want to make. Work at it. Share it. And allow people to join your vision as customers and employees.


Education gives us tools to understand the fabric of the world around us. Learning & growth are inherently exciting. Most people have just been doing it wrong…


Technology can greatly leverage your impact. It enables you to do more of what you love and less of what you don’t. It cures diseases and allows for deeper thought exploration.

Why do kids rarely look forward to going to school? Why do companies care about “bottom lines” instead of solving the customer’s problems? Why does only 13% of people emotionally engage at their work?

Those are the exact questions I’m passionate about. I want to transform education, where people of all ages and backgrounds love and actively pursue learning. Encourage companies to act from a place of connection to their mission & customers. And help people find what they love and live their dream lives.





One of the World's biggest mysteries is understanding people. Why they do what they do. How they think. What they feel. I explore marketing & branding as an avenue to answer those questions. I run a company, do my podcast, write, speak and consult.


My mission is to help people harness the power of systems and place themselves in their zone of genius. No one should waste doing boring work that could be automated.


Our mission is to spread the engineering mindset to help people discover their most authentic selves and live extraordinary lives. We are a community and a thought movement.


I am just a human trying to understand how this world works and who I am. Born in Moscow, I’d set out on a mission to learn from inspiring entrepreneurs. Maybe they knew? After meeting Richard Branson, Tim Draper, founders of Airbnb, Lyft, Twitter, etc., I’ve realized that many of them are just ordinary people choosing to do extraordinary things. I soon discovered my WHY (create a more adventurous & mission-driven world), HOW (promoting connection, education and tech) and WHAT (my companies & movement). Since then my work has reached 13 quintillion brain sells, inspired an Uber driver, and made my mom happy.

I am a passionate kitesurfer, personal growth junkie, futurist, earthian, lover of cinematic arts, and friend.

"Renat was an absolute pleasure to work with—fast, creative, efficient—everything we were looking for. The work he's done for me seriously outstripped my expectations (and my expectations were high). It's actually pulling in new business just as he said it would. If you're thinking about working with Renat it's a major thumbs up from me."
Steven Kotler — 9x Bestselling Author, x2 Pulitzer Prize Nominee
I highly recommend working with Prometheus. Highly communicative and professional, Renat exceeded my expectations with their attention to detail and taste for design. Great job, gents!
Paul Austin — Founder of the Third Wave
Pursing my Own curiosity through writing
I write about personal growth, philosophy, art and marketing
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