The Key Areas

My Projects
What I am working on now:
- Operations Mastery
- Lifestyle Engineering
I speak on:
- Marketing Principles & Mechanics
- Mission-Driven Brands and Leadership Dev.
- Lifestyle Engineering
I guide you though the most effective marketing systems, tools and mindset to help you grow your business.


We're a workflow automation company with the mission is to empower everyone to operate from their genius zones. We do this by bringing a technology layer to manual workflows that can't be automated with traditional tools.



The world’s most complex projects such as the International Space Station are all powered by engineering systems. What if we could use engineering principles to live out dream lives?

Lifestyle Engineering is a mindset to reach deeper levels of self awareness and architect the type of life that’s in integrity with your mission and essence.

I’ve built an LE mastermind community and 3 coliving houses around the world. I am currently writing a book about finding what you love and building a badass life around it.

Engineer Your Life
My Speaking

The oldest way to share stories and emotions is through the power of words...


bring innovative ideas that change the way people think about marketing, leadership, business and life as a whole. My marketing philosophy revolves around understanding your customers profoundly, crafting messages that they resonate with, and engineering products that people love. I also encourage companies to lead with mission and make employees their most valued asset.

Marketing Pricniples
Building Inspiring Brands
6-fig/month mechanics
Lifestyle Enginering

Stay in your genius zone. Leverage what works.

The odds are what you are looking to accomplish has been done before. People have deconstructed what works. Now you can go figure everything out yourself and spend time, money & energy. Or you could leverage existing expertise and focus on doing what you love.

I bring expertise in digital marketing that scales companies to 7-fig and in building brands for thought leaders & companies to win.


What They Say

"Renat was an absolute pleasure to work with—fast, creative, efficient—everything we were looking for. The work he's done for me seriously outstripped my expectations (and my expectations were high). It's actually pulling in new business just as he said it would. If you're thinking about working with Renat it's a major thumbs up from me."

Steven Kotler
9x Bestselling Author, x2 Pulitzer Prize Nominee

"I highly recommend working with Prometheus. Highly communicative and professional, Renat exceeded my expectations with their attention to detail and taste for design. Great job, gents!"

Paul Austin
Founder of The Third Wave
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I am human, just like you. Don't be shy.

Drop me a message, if anything you've read stuck with you. If you share my mission and want to contribute, I'd love to hear it! Check out the work I do for collaboration ideas.

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