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I am just a human trying to understand how this world works and who I am. I’d set out on a mission to learn from inspiring entrepreneurs. Maybe they know? After meeting Richard Branson, Tim Draper, founders of Airbnb, Lyft, Twitter, etc., I’ve realized that many of them are just ordinary people choosing to do extraordinary things. Lights, Camera, Action!

CMO at Bardeen

Manual repetitive work should not exist! That’s why we built the workflow automation tool that leverages AI. Started from the ... (no product or website), now we here:

🤖 Zero to hunnid (150k+) users. Skrrt skrrt.
🤖 Won “Product of The Month” on Product Hunt.
🤖 Built a blog that brought 1m+ page visits.
🤖 Launched a YouTube channel generating 100k/m views

Founding Partner at Te Vas A Morir

Took the up-and-coming brand digital and scaled it from 0 to 7 figures in 1.5 years. No financing. The brand has grown to 2.7m+ following and is going strong.

🤓 Built a killer marketing and product team
🤓 Launched a 33k-person live event (probably the world’s biggest then) 
🤓 Grew email marketing to 250k+ subs.

“Renat by far is the best professional I've ever worked with. He's a badass marketer and a process optimizer obsessive.” - Juan Petersen, Marketing Director

Founder of Prometheus

Prometheus is a marketing agency that helped thought leaders and companies in the peak performance space. We worked with NYT best-selling authors and creators with 1m+ audiences.

"Renat was an absolute pleasure to work with—fast, creative, efficient—everything we were looking for. The work he's done for me seriously outstripped my expectations (and my expectations were high). It's actually pulling in new business just as he said it would. If you're thinking about working with Renat it's a major thumbs up from me."
Steven Kotler — 9x Bestselling Author, x2 Pulitzer Prize Nominee
I highly recommend working with Prometheus. Highly communicative and professional, Renat exceeded my expectations with their attention to detail and taste for design. Great job, gents!
Paul Austin — Founder of the Third Wave

Founder of Lifestyle Engineering

Lifestyle Engineering is my way to explore how the game of life works. Here is what happened as a by-product:

🔬 Founded x3 coliving houses for entrepreneurs
🔬 Started a tight-knit private community of life hackers who training with ninjas, sold companies for 9 figures, and kitesurfed on the Necker Island.
🔬Started a podcast to see what I can learn from an Olympians, world’s most famous porn star, neuroscientists, and a Navy SEAL.

CMO at CrowdTap

The year was 2016 and the SEC has just passed Regulation Crowdfunding, which allowed startups to raise equity from non-actedited investors. It was a wild ride and a great learning experience.

✔ Ran x2 million-dollar equity crowdfunding raises
✔ Brought 1,500 attendees to the Global Blockchain Forum as a CMO

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